Main Activities

Work at the site is divided into different departments. The social department looks at educational support, home-based care, HIV/AIDS support groups, sports and recreation and feeding schemes. The agricultural department focuses on getting the community involved in making homestead and community gardens and maintaining these. “We believe that if every household has a homestead garden, it will defeat hunger.”

The technical department aims at repairing and renovating public buildings in the community and other facilities. This department also renews paving, provides plumbing and security at schools, churches, clinics and the old age home, erects and manufactures palisades and fencing for public facilities. The environment department works on waste management, eradication of illegal dumping site and community education about waste management.

A particular innovation is the Bronville Wellness Centre. This centre, which opened in February 2011 in a rented house, provides home-based care, support for orphans and vulnerable children, and ensures that people have access to government grants and other services. People can get basic examinations, counselling and social services without having to suffer being sent from pillar to post.

Other programme highlights include setting up reading rooms and aftercare classes, literacy classes, sports development, establishing compost sites, fixing leaking points to help save water, unblocking more than 70 stormwater drains that had become a health and safety hazard, and an arts and crafts project to showcase upcoming artists, including mural paintings to revive community facility walls.

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