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The Welkom Community Work Programme includes the Bronville township and an adjacent informal settlement. Bronville was demarcated as a segregated area for Coloureds under the apartheid regime; today the population is estimated to be about half Coloured and half black African. A notable feature about bringing together a mixed black and coloured group is that people say that the long-standing divisions between the two groups are being broken down.
Welkom is a declining gold mining area with high unemployment and a significant number of unemployed artisans and skilled people who have been retrenched in recent years. This mix has been harnessed in a creative way in the CWP. There are few employment opportunities for young people in the area and as a consequence most of them continue to live with their parents, with high rates of crime, substance abuse and teenage pregnancy.  A household social survey conducted when the site was started showed that the main problems were lack of identity documents, the need for help to access grants, and lack of food. The survey found a large number of vulnerable children and people with health problems, mostly HIV/AIDS and TB-related illnesses, who needed help.

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