Main Activities

Work done in the communities is divided into departments. The health and social department looks after educational support, home-based care, HIV/AIDS support groups and sports and recreationThe agricultural department focuses on getting the community involved in making homestead gardens and community gardens and maintaining them.

The programme is changing lives in the area on all levels of fresh food production, training of participants and developing skills, keeping school children of the streets with the sports co-ordination.

The technical department is responsible for renovating public buildings and also providing plumbing and security at schools, churches and clinics and erecting fencing at public facilities such as schools, crèches, and parks. A key aspect of the work of the environment team is building block VIP toilets to improve sanitation.
Another focus is early childhood development crèches. The CWP has assisted crèches that were otherwise very disadvantaged by supplying suitable educational toys, fencing, food gardens and crèche structures with a soup kitchens and jungle gyms.
A new innovation is an animal husbandry programme involving rabies inoculation with participants assisting the State Vet inoculation programme. The aim is also to making people aware of rabies and how to detect an animal that is infected and what to do if someone is bitten

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