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S’bonelo Makatini


S’bonelo is 25 years old and finished

his matric at the Mgitshwa High School

in 2004. He has completed three years

of a national diploma in construction

management and quantity surveying

at Mangosuthu University of Technology

He is interested in reading philosophical

books and describes himself as

“hand on with work and

passionate about getting knowledge

about something that is new to me”.

Since joining the CWP he has gained experience

in building, planning and organising. He is using some of the money he has earned to get a driver’s licence.

“I have also been able to improve myself through the workshops and team buildings that I have attended,” he says.

S’bonelo has an interest in young people and plays a major role in providing career guidance to learners at the local schools. Before becoming the data capturer for the GIS programme he was the CWP sports co-ordinator.​

Cebekhulu Sibani

​Cebekhulu is 29 years old. He completed Grade 12 at the Mgitshwa High School in 2003, writing seven subjects – IsiZulu, English, biology, mathematics, physical science, agricultural science and business economics. His hobbies are soccer and music.

Before joining the CWP he worked

Spoornet doing washout maintenance

and for Exxaro as a maintenance

assistant. He was also doing theology

part time. “Working with the CWP has

helped me improve my skills on how to

be a good leader,” he says. “It has helped

me become a good public speaker and

improved my skills in interacting with a

group of people.” 

“The training I have received has

helped me understand many things,

such as how to use the Government

Gazette and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. I now understand the importance of using the GIS in the wards.” “I began as a participant but now I have this promotion,” he says.

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Meet the Field Data Capturers

Xolisani Ngubane



Xolisani Ngubane is 23 years old.

He grew up in the Mevamhlope

area about 10km away from

Empangeni and finished matric at

Mevamhlophe High School in 2008.

The next year he started to

volunteer for a local non-profit

organisation,Izulu Orphan Projects

(IOP). "I was doing office work, food

distribution, collecting donations

and arranging transport (buses) for 

church services," he says. "I was

doing this work until March 2010.

Then in April 2010 we started the

CWP working together with IOP.

I am working at Dlangubo/uMlalazi

site at Empangeni. Our office is about 15km away from town." Xolisani started as a supervisor and then became assistant facilitator. He joined the GIS mapping team in 2012 after he was selected because of his experience and performance with CWP. "I am so happy to work for CWP because I've learnt lots in this programme. Before CWP I was shy and very scared to stand in front of people, but now I can because of the experience I've gained."

​Xolisani also makes time to study. In January 2010 he started doing business studies (human resource management) at Umfolozi FET college. Xolisani also makes time to study. In January 2010 he started doing business studies (human resource management) at Umfolozi FET college. "They supported me with a bursary as I was an orphan with a passion to study. My mom passed away in 1996 and my father in 2009. Life was so difficult after my parents passed away as there was nobody working in my family. We were depending on child-support grants for my sister's children so WCP made a huge difference in my life. I receive remuneration every month and have also gained an experience to be a leader."

His potential was also recognized in March 2010 when he worked with professors from Canada who were conducting questionnaires and also doing data capturing. "This gave me an opportunity to go overseas in September 2011. I've visited the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, where I did a presentation on what I was doing at the CWP.

"I am now doing N6 human resource management, studying part-time, and busy getting my driver's license. This is why I am happy with the programme. I have money to further my studies and to look after my family. "This is why I say "the programme is poverty alleviation and a ladder to success."

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