Main Activities

Teams are engaged in agriculture, construction, education and social issues.
The most visible sign of the CWP in the area is the renovation of the community hall.  This is at the entrance to Keiskammahoek, and everyone is aware of the renovations being done to what was an extremely dilapidated and disused building.  
Projects have included clearing wattle along the Cata River, which contributed to protecting the northern Keiskammahoek water catchment area. Participants have also cleared land at the Mnyameni Dam. 
Teacher assistants have been placed in schools to help teachers. Schools continue to be renovated such as painting classrooms, roots and exteriors, and new crèches are being built with handmade mud bricks. Fixing school desks has been particularly important as they were stacked up outside at many schools as they had become unusable. 
A total of 54 schools and 30 crèches in Keiskammahoek have vegetable gardens produced by CWP. HIV positive people also benefit from the vegetables gardens. Creative and cost-effective methods, like the use of mulch, to keep the garden protected as well as create moisture in the garden, have been initiated. In the process of ensuring that the supply of food is secured.

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