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Keiskammahoek is a small rural town about 40km to the west of King Williamstown in the Eastern Cape. The surrounding area is mountainous with 37 villages spread out over a large area. Many villages are still without basic services such as water and sanitation and the roads linking them are not tarred and often in bad condition. The Keiskammahoek CWP site takes in all these villages and a network of village committees set up by the CWP has brought the people of this Eastern Cape rural valley closer together. Connecting them is a group of 37 supervisors who meet regularly to share information and help each other solve problems. The town was once an important commercial centre for the timber and agricultural industries. In recent years, the timber industry has moved towards Stutterheim and agricultural production has declined. The economy of Keiskammahoek relies mainly on social grants from the state.

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